Our Story

The Movement Co. is Different

Founded in 2018, we felt like things could be done a little differently in the Physio world. Short appointments and quick fixes are not for everyone, so we designed our practice to offer a premium service for clients looking for that little bit extra. 

While we still offer hands on treatments like joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage and dry needling, it can be a big jump to go from treatment-table to the Tongariro crossing!  Using our knowledge of evidence-based exercise rehabilitation, we focus on the body’s resilience as well as recovery helping you be healthier for longer.

Movement as Medicine

What if there was a single prescription that could improve your mood, strengthen your bones and muscles, enhance your sleep quality, give you more energy, make you live longer and help to prevent disease?

Movement is such a powerful medicine, we named our company after it.

Premium Quality Physiotherapy at Your Fingertips

Located within the EIT Institute of Sport & Health, we have the most well-equipped rehabilitation clinic in Hawke’s Bay, including:

  • Royston Health and Fitness Centre
  • Sport Performance Gym
  • 45m indoor running track
  • Crossfit-style functional fitness space
  • Indoor courts for basketball, volleyball, netball and badminton
  • 50m Olympic indoor swimming pool and dedicated Hydrotherapy centre

Treat the Symptoms and the Cause

​Most people seek treatment when they are in pain and want relief. However, just treating the painful area doesn’t always address the underlying cause, and the symptoms may be caused by a problem elsewhere. Is a stiff ankle contributing to your knee pain? Or could your neck pain be related to your computer set up at work?

​Our longer appointment times allow for an in-depth assessment, which helps get you back up and running faster.

We set clear goals from the first session so we’re on the same page and heading in the right direction from the start.

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