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Clinic Hours

Mon to Thurs: 7am – 6pm
Fri: 8am – 4:30pm

Physio Services in the Heart of Hawke's Bay

A comprehensive approach to your rehabilitation, training, and injury prevention

Our physiotherapists are movement experts who work with you to reduce pain, restore function, and optimise performance.  After a thorough examination, we combine skilled hands-on therapy and tailored exercise rehabilitation to help you recover from illness or injury.

Longer appointments

The Movement Co. offer both ACC and Private consultations with longer than normal appointment times to ensure we cover all your physiotherapy needs.  We take pride in our comprehensive model of care and work with you each step of the way in your recovery.


Conveniently located just off the expressway, we have the most well-equipped rehabilitation facility in Hawke’s Bay at our disposal.  An inviting clinic space, two world class gym spaces and an indoor pool with a hydrotherapy centre, just to name a few.

Innovative Tech

We have access to state-of-the-art technology to enhance your care. Our Physios might incorporate the use of NormaTec compression, Compex muscle stimulation, Blood-Flow restriction cuffs, or specialised treadmills where appropriate.

Why us?

Your health, well-being and performance is our priority

At The Movement Co, we take the time to listen, investigate and educate through each stage of your recovery. Our highly trained staff use evidence-based techniques, innovative technology, and brand new facilities to give you the best care the Bay has to offer.


No two clients are treated the same

Everybody has different needs – whether running a marathon or running after grandkids.
You might be recovering from a sporting injury, a surgery or some other medical event.

Regardless of age or ability, we are passionate about getting each individual back to the things that matter to them.

Your Hawke's Bay Physiotherapists

Our mantra is to provide Physio of the highest quality to everybody in the Bay.  

Have an injury? Need some advice on your aches and pains? Want to get back into exercise but not sure what is right for you? We can help.

Make an appointment to see us today – no doctors referral needed.

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